MCPF Print & PDI Competition 2014

MCPF Print and PDI Championships

Whilst many of us were enjoying ourselves in sunny Llandudno, the annual MCPF print and PDI Championships were taking place in Leicester. Fortunately Adrian, Ken and Jennifer were in

attendance looking after the Club’s entry. What a nail biting affair it was. 28 clubs from the MCPF

region were battling it out for the honour of representing the MCPF at the PAGB Inter-Federation

Club Championships at Connors Quay and Warwick respectively.

Smethwick PS and Arden PG for prints and, with Cannock PS for PDIs, were already through to the

finals after finishing in the top eight at last year’s event. So, effectively the two best placed clubs excluding those mentioned would go forward to the finals.

In the PDI competition Tamworth finished in joint 6th place, tied with Wolverhampton PS on 301

points; 5 points short of Duston CC and a place in the final.

In the Print competition things were even tighter; we finished with 304 points. 1, yes one, point

behind Duston CC and a place in the final!

The results, including the individual awards, can be found on the MCPF website.


This is a remarkable result for which the Club should be very proud.

Thanks and congratulations to all members whose work was used and special mention to Dave

Bowen who had a maximum score of 15 for a print Tricky Manoeuvre and for a pdi Female Rock Ptarmigan Calling.

Thanks also to Adrian, Ken and Jennifer for their hard work on the day and Adrian, Ken and Phil H.

for the selection process and administration.

The following images were used in the PDI Championship:


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The following images were used in the Print Championship:

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