“Time to dip your toe in the water?”


“Life beyond Club Competitions”

Recently Adrian Moore and Les Beardmore took their first step into the world of external

competitions, both having successes. Adrian entered the Great Barr Panel Exhibition and was

awarded Louise Hill’s judges’ ribbon for “Family Tree” and Les had Male Bullfinch and Greater

Spotted Woodpecker accepted in the Robin Hood Exhibition.

See the images below.


Internal Competitions

External Competitions

Natural History 2013-14

Second Open (Print) 2013-14

Landscape (Print) 2013-14

Staffordshire Inter Club (Print)

First Open (PDI) 2013-14

Third Open (PDI) 2013-14

Fourth Open (Print) 2013-14

Glen Beach (Print) 2013-14

Three of a Kind 2013-14

MCPF Print & PDI 2014

MCPF PhotoFolio 2014

Life Beyond the Club

So what’s it all about?

I asked Dave Bowen for his views on the matter:

Being curious, it seemed to me to be a natural progression… Club photography, Inter-Club photography, National and International exhibitions and ultimately distinctions.

As a result of extending my activities beyond the club, I have shared my photographs with a huge audience around the world. I have been lucky enough to enjoy some success but, equally, I have

had some spectacular failures. More importantly, every step of the way I have found

encouragement, inspiration and friendship, all of which has benefitted my photography.

Confucius says - when exhibiting your photographs or going for distinctions just remember… the difference between observation and criticism can be measured by the thickness of your skin.

My most successful photograph? It’s still out there somewhere!

As photographic club members, we are constantly exposed to internal club, inter-club, two-way,

three way and eight-way competitions, where your work may be selected and used. Similarly, your images maybe selected for use in the GB Cup, PAGB Knockout or PhotoFolio. All competitions run on

a club basis with the reputation of the Club paramount. But is that enough for you as an individual?

You have taken the trouble to create your prints and PDIs, used them in Club competitions and then stored them away. There are opportunities outside the club circuit:

1. The Royal Photographic Society Distinctions (RPS)www.rps.org

The RPS award distinctions, which are recognized world-wide as measures of photographic achievement:

Licentiateship – LRPS – 10prints or PDIs that are sufficiently varied to show good technical

quality, understanding of the use of light, good print quality, variety of treatment and how to select

the right view point.

Associateship – ARPS – 15 prints or PDIs that show a high level of visual competence, good

technical expertise and sensitive use of light, composition skill and meaningful communication are

all prerequisities.

Fellowship – FRPS – 20 prints or PDIs that show distinguished ability in a specialist field. An

individual style should be clearly recognize and it should demonstrate excellent communication

through the images.

An annual fee for membership to the RPS, and the use of the distinction, is payable.

2. Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)www.thepagb.org.uk

The awards for photographic merit (APM) are open to all members of clubs affiliated to the PAGB.

An initial entry fee is payable but the awards are held without further annual payment.

Credit - CPAGB – 10 prints or PDIs are required and the standard is good club photography.

Distinction – DPAGB – 15 prints or PDIs are required and the standard is open exhibition


Master – MPAGB – 20 prints or PDIs are required and the standard is the highest standard of UK

amateur photography.

3. British Photographic Exhibitions – (BPE) – www.britishphotographicexhibitions.org.uk

The crown award system is designed to enable successful photographers gain additional

distinctions. Photographers are invited to aggregate their acceptances in affiliated exhibitions and

upon reaching the accepted aggregate apply, without charge, for a crown award. Full detail of the scheme and affiliated exhibitions can be found on the website.

4. Similar award schemes are run by the Federation International de l’Art Photographique

(FIAP) and the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Information about these awards can be

found at www.fiap.com and www.psa-photo.org respectively.

A good starting point is to enter work into local national and international exhibitions, such as those

run by Smethwick PS, Solihull PS, Bromsgrove PS, and Great Barr PS just to name a few.

Acceptances in these exhibitions count towards the BPE crown awards and will give you a good indication of the quality of your work.

So the big question, is it time for you to “Dip your toe in the water?”

Text by Pete Atkins

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