Organisations & Photographic Clubs

General Photography

Birdguide's Photo Galleries

  Photo section of birdwatchers website.

Cambridge in Colour

  Photography tutorials and gallery.


  Digital photography news, reviews and forums.

FILE Magazine

  Online magazine - "A collection of unexpected photography"


  Inkjet papers, inks and photographic supplies.

Ariane Photography Studio

  Photographic Studio hire, Lichfield Road Industrial Estate, Tamworth.

A family orientated photographic studio, who do weddings, family portraits, pet photography and

general commercial and product photography.

They have a number of separate studios, that are well equipped with flash heads, soft boxes,

props and backgrounds.

The Luminous Landscape

  Articles and reviews covering landscape, nature and documentary photography.


  MCPF Annual Exhibition.

One Exposure

  Photo gallery.


  Inkjet paper, inks, etc.

Pinnacle Papers

  Pinnacle inkjet papers and supplies from Paper Spectrum.

ProAm Imaging

  Digital photography prints at competitive prices.

The History of Photography and the Camera: From Pinhole to SmartPhones

 Whether you're hanging out with friends on the beach or reading about the history of the 1930s, photography will likely make an appearance. The oldest known photograph dates back to 1826, but

the structure that would become the first camera was described by Aristotle. The process of taking pictures has become increasingly refined during the 19th century, transitioning from heavy glass

plates to light, gelatin-coated flexible film. Today, once-innovative film cameras take a back seat

to the convenience and ease of digital cameras. (Click here for more).

Link suggestion from students Matt & Adam.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts

  Keyboard Shortcuts every Photographer will find useful.

Product Photography: How To Market Products With Photos (19 Pro Tips)

  Learn how to take product photos the right way.

How to Fix Memory Card Errors: The Definitive Guide

  A guide to memory card issues.


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