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Club Competitions 2021 - 22

The club holds eight "stand alone" photographic competitions per year.

Members compete in novice, intermediate or advanced categories. The club invites experienced photographers, from outside the club, to judge the entries.

The running order of this season's competitions is as follows:

Competition Rules:

Prints, which may be any size but typically A4 or A3, to be mounted on suitable card, with a maximum size of 20" x 16" (500mm x 400mm).

PDIs should not exceed 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high, with a sRGB colour profile and saved as

a high quality jpeg. Note: the new size is being introduced for many external competitions.

Each piece of work may be used a maximum of three times over two consecutive years.

A piece of work entered in a named competition (currently Landscape, Natural History, The Memorial Trophy and The Three of a Kind) cannot be entered again in the same named competition.

The Three of a Kind Panel competition must be three separate mounted Prints.

Titles for inclusion in competitions must be with the internal competition secretary by the Sunday evening preceding the competition night.

Natural History. Images submitted should depict flora and fauna that are wild and free. Images of domesticated birds, animals and cultivated plants are not admissible, similarly any image taken under controlled conditions such as wildlife parks, zoos or birds of prey taken at falconry centres or plants taken in the studio are not admissible. However, the above mentioned images may be entered into our open competitions provided the title clearly states the fact.

All work must be copyright of the entrant.

Inter-Club Competitions

This season, TPC will be competing in the following competitions against local clubs:

The club also enters the following competitions and exhibitions, which are well known, and are widely entered:

Forthcoming competitions will be announced at the club and members will be invited to submit images for selection.

External Competitions

TPC is keen to encourage its members to take part in external competitions. Forthcoming competitions are regularly announced at the club, and where multiple members are entering, the club often co-ordinates delivery and organisation of the entry.

NOTE: These competitions are entered by the individual and not the club. The club will not be notified of results.

1st Open (PDI)

2nd Open (Print)

3rd Open (PDI)

4th Open (Print)

Three of a Kind Panel Competition (Print)

Landscape (Print)

Natural History Competition (Print)

The Memorial Trophy - New Work, Any Subject (Print)


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