Aston & Erdington Competition 2016

Monday 29th February, saw the staging of the anual Aston & Erdington interclub competition.

The competition is for Novice and Intermediate members who make the selection of images


10 prints and 10 PDIs, are put forward to be judged by John Haines, this is

A good opportunity to have their work appraised by a well established judge.

As you will see from the scores below Tamworth did exceedingly well emerging as clear winners.

Congratulations to all members whose work was used.





Tamworth PC




Aston & Erdington




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Glen Beach (Print) 2015-16

Three of a Kind 2015-16

Here is a selection of the images used in the print section:

Here is a selection of the images used in the pdi section:

Best Prints judged by JohnHaines -


Best PDI's judged by  John Haines -

Wild at Heart by Keith Newman &

Childhood Magic by Femma Anderson

Little Bee Eater by John Whitehurst &

Lady Daisy by John Bragg

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