I've been involved in photography for over sixty years, starting with developing 120 size

orthochromatic films by the "see-saw" method in a dish of Johnson's Pactum MQ developer and

then contact printing.

Most of my working life was spent as a Research and Development engineer in the aerospace

industry. I am therefore an inveterate "tinkerer and fiddler".

I've been a committee member of Tamworth Photographic Club for many years and now an honorary member, which I hold in high regard.

The advent of digital photography was great, particularly printing - no more darkroom work. I still enter club competitions and look forward to the day when all external competitions have a "projected digital image" section, I might even enter.

I am currently interested in the "fine art" sphere of photography, and I hope my soubriquet might well be "The Artful Dodger".





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